Laminated Roller Blinds


    A laminated roller blind gives your home a soft and inviting look and can be used to create a beautiful interior and to complement your soft furnishings.

    A laminated roller blind with a cotton lining, lets a gentle light through so you can see the texture of the cotton linen during the day and early mornings, whilst still maintaining full privacy night and day when the blind is drawn down over the window.

    Alternatively, blackout linings are our favourite finish, as they provide complete blackout of the sunlight allowing undisturbed sleep. Blackout blinds will provide complete privacy when the blinds are down whilst also working like the thermal linings in helping keep the heat in the room due to the thickness of the lining.

    Laminated Roller Blackout Blinds are an excellent choice of window dressing for Children’s bedrooms. As the main function of the made to measure blind is to help reduce daylight within a room, your child can enjoy sleep, undisturbed by daylight or daybreak.

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